Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baloopie Craziness EX V2 - This is true skill!

What's with the blog name? Well yesterday me and Invincibob ere created a new level for Little Big Planet! So what is with this level and why am I making a blog post about it?

Well really I'm not sure why I'm making a post over the thing, but if anyone out there plays Little Big Planet (1), you should really give it a try! Both me and bob agree that it is in act one of the hardest levels out there in LBP, and you'll need a merical if you even want to have hope to beat it XD

Ok maybe it's not that bad, but it is quite the challenge! So if you're up for it, please check it out!
To find it you can simply search my username (NettoSaito), or you can search the level name (Baloopie Craziness EX V2 - This is true skill). If you DO search it you will come across two versions of the level. Version 1 is something we uploaded a few weeks ago, but we actually managed to beat the level so that's why we decided to go out and make a V2.

Before you start, I would like to warn you about a few things. Me and bob both packed every single crazy idea we could think of at the time into this level. You'll be seeing random eastereggs to other animes/games,  as well as crazy devices that you'll have to use to solve the level. That's all I'm really going to say right now, but please DON'T HATE US FOR WHAT WE'VE DONE! If you really have to throw your controller at something, throw it at some random person and not us!

Well good luck guys! Also if you do try the level, please give us feed back! You can either comment on the level in LBP, send me a PM here, or comment on this post! Thanks a lot!