Moral of Story, look both ways

I've been playing Battlefield 3 a lot lately, but this is just one story I had to share.
Through this whole entire match in Team Death Match, my team was losing by a LONG shot. I was getting spawn killed (had 0 kills and around 5 deaths), and the rest of my team was also getting picked off one by one. Well, that's when I had an idea to try a trick I managed to pull off the other day.

First of all the map I was in was pretty much a small city area, and there's a few boxed in areas that are inbetween four different buildings. To get into these areas you can go through different narrow paths, and that's where a LOT of people like to camp. Well, I decided to use that against them.

When I walked up to the entrence to one of the areas, I noticed a LOT of people who were just running out while shooting. Since they all failed to look BOTH WAYS before coming out of the building, I was able to simply take each one of them down as soon as they came out.

After getting a few kills from people who were just running out of the building, I decided to use my frags to my advantage. By throwing a frag at the hall way's wall (the hall way that leads into the boxed in area), I was able to bounce it off at an angle that would land on the other end of it. The frag went off which in return created a smoke screen, and I was able to rush in.

There were a few people standing in the hall already, so I quickly took them down while they still couldn't see. The I knew the noise alerted the other players in the boxed in area, so I then backed myself up against the wall and waited. Once again the players just RAN PAST ME without even looking back. A few more free kills.

I then decided to go ahead and charge into the boxed in area, which actually let me take out two before they finally got me.

The rest of the match pretty much played out the same way. The rest of my team started doing the same thing I was, others showed up to back me up, and we were able to hold and win.

So moral of story? Look both ways before you walk out a door. Especially when you notice everyone who walks out of that door ends up getting shot lol

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