Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mario Kart 7 Capcom-Unity Community

Well today's the day guys! Mario Kart 7 is finally here!

Anyway for you who do not know, Mario Kart 7 features a type of "Server" system that allows fans to open up their own community servers. By creating these community rooms, fans can always have a place to go to make it easier to play with friends. To put it simple, think of community rooms as the normal "random battle" but with only special people being able to access it.

Well anyway, if you're a member of Capcom-Unity and would like to play with other Capcom-Unity members, fellow member Linkyshinks has created a community room for us!

Really if you're active at all I'm pretty sure you've already seen this topic, but I figured I might as well get the news out there just in case!

By joining their Capcom-Unity Community you will be able to play with other Capcom-Unity members that have joined the same group. Its a fast and easy way to play with your fellow unity members, and it can make online twice as fun!