Saturday, February 11, 2012

Microsoft Flight - F2P! [2/29/12]

Ok so some of you may have noticed but I haven't been around here as much during the past few weeks. Its just that ever since I got Final Fantasy XIII-2 I've been addicited to it! I mean sure, you can beat the game within 25 hours or so, but with all of these side quests (which are actually related with the story) and with this whole Pokemon like system, I've put over 50 hours into this thing!Sooo much fun~

lol Well ok that's enough about that! I'm here today to tell you about a brand new Free to Play "game" that's being released by Microsoft! Its a little game called "Microsoft Flight." Really I have to use the word "game" losely simply because this game is actually a flight sim which mixes a real time flying experience with different challenges and goals that you can push yourself to achieve! Apparently the MS Flight games have actually been around for awhile, but I'm completely brand new to the series so I'll only be talking about the newest release.

First of all lets check out this trailer

Now some of you may be interested already, but others may find that it looks a bit boring. Well the truth is that this game IS in fact a flight sim, it IS being marketed towards sim fans, and the games specs are pretty low overall. Microsoft has announced that their goal with this game was to create a flight sim that almost anyone can play, and that almost anyone can get into. In short there is something there for you no matter what type of games you like. Casuals can easily play, hard core gamers can go for the challenges, and sim fans will be able to enjoy it as a sim.

Really I can't say that I'll enjoy this type of game that much, but I would like to point out how realistic locations are being used! MS is allowing us to explore Hawaii from the skies with its realistic recreation! This right there is what really interests me about the game. Although I may not be a huge fan of flight sims, I am a huge fan of exploring and I LOVE it when games allow you to explore real life places; especially when they have been completely recreated BASED on real life. Now it is true that MSF isn't the first game to recreate Hawaii (Test Drive Unlimited comes to mind), but it is the first to go into much more detail, and that's something I really look forward to.

So overall, even if you're not a fan of this type of game; it still might be worth checking out. The game IS in fact free, and can be played using your XBL/Windows Live Gamer Tag, but at the same time you can buy expansions if you're really looking for something more. Try the "full" game for free, buy extras if you really like it; that's a really good deal if you ask me.
I'll admit that I did like Pilot Wings Resorte...