Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Picked up The Last Story!

Hey everyone, whats up? Ready to hear a story? Well, basically, tonight on my way back from the local Walmart, being 15 or so minutes away from my house, I decided to stop by GameStop to see if they had one of the rarest games out there, The Last Story. So, guess what. They had it!

For anyone who doesn't know, The Last Story was originally a game that Nintendo didn't want to bring over to the US, but after a massive fan operation started, they were finally talked into bringing it out, along with two other games (Xenoblade Chronicles and Pandora's Tower). Even so, the game had an EXTREMELY limited print, and because of this it is quite rare (despite the fact that it just came out a few weeks ago).

Well anyway, what I really wanted to show off is the packaging this thing came in! It is actually really nice!

As you can tell, the game actually comes in a book like case, to actually make it look like a story book! It looks realistic, all of the writing and images are embossed, and it closes nice and easy so you don't have to worry about anything falling out (unlike a few other "special" cases I have... coughcoughuncharted3specialeditionchestcoughcough).

Inside the "book" is actually a 40 or so page art book, as well as the game itself. Now the game is in fact in a standard Wii box so you can easily put it on the shelf next to your other games, but at the same time, it really just doesn't seem right to keep the game outside of its book hard case.

Overall, it is a VERY nice package, and I'm already quite happy with my $50 purchase! It's too bad that the plastic "sleeve" (which you can see in the last pic) isn't actually a sleeve though. It simply sits on the back, with two little flaps to somewhat help hold it on the "book." Yeah I get that it was only there for store purposes, but it's something I'm still going to save.