Check out what I found the other day!

Ok so this is what I was talking about a few days ago! After cleaning out my room, I just happened to come across some old Megaman boxes! Now I know this shouldn't really be a rare thing, but the thing is, these boxes are from the GBA days! Back then (NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA) game boxes were something games just came in, and they normally just got thrown away. Not many people actually saved the packaging, and well, neither did I. Except for these lucky boxes (some of which actually have all of the original contents in them! It seems I just took the game out, and left the box in tact lol)

But that isn't the only thing I found! Check this one out! I'm sure a lot of you may remember this from 7 or so years ago, but then again, many of you may not! The Advance PET! The one and only PET to make it here to the US (sadly we didn't get any of the ones after or before it......)

Yeah I really didn't have many battle chips for it, but that's mostly because they were only sold in packs at Toys R Us, and the closest one around here was over an hour and a half away. The only chips you could buy in the stores around here were actually the ones that came with the Battle Network action figures (which I own along with the Megaman and Megaman X ones lol).

So anyway, that's all I really wanted to show you guys. I thought it was just a nice find, and I figured some of you might find it interesting to see these things again. A sort of, blast from the past lol
Maybe one day I'll upload a pic of my Megaman collection though. It's just that it spans a lot of consoles, and a lot of the toys (including Dr. Wily's Lab) are actually in the basement right now... Meh, maybe I'll just post the ones I actually have boxes for lol (rather not sit my CDs on the floor of my room).

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