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Ok so Subaru Konoe (Eclipse)'s review got me thinking. I LOVE design, and I have spent a lot of time playing games like the Sims 3, but I never actually uploaded or shown off anything I worked on here. So I'm going to change that...

The following is what I would call my "main house" in The Sims 3:

Now with this house I basically tried to do two things. First of all, I wanted to use a more "realistic" look, and make as much use out of its rooms as possible. I didn't really add any extra space just for having space, but I did try to include a verity of "types" of rooms.

The second thing I did with this house was actually base some parts of it off of my own memories. What I mean by that is, one room (the "living room" on the west side) is actually a recreation of my grandma's living room where I spent every christmas night. Another thing I did was with the basement which I made a recreation of the "Legendary Cafe's" basement from Kirby's Dream World. No it's not realistic at all, but if you've played KDW, you'd know what them rooms are from the moment you first lay eyes on them.
The third and final thing I did was try to just add in everything one might dream of having in their house. I gave some of the parts a "hotel" like feel by adding little side areas where people can just sit down and hang out. It's not normally something you would see in a standard house, but I thought it gave the place a nice homey feel if you would.

House Download Link -

(Note: This house was made using mainly the basic Sims 3 game, with a few objects coming from Sims 3 Late Night and Ambitions. This file can still be downloaded if you only have the base game, but a few minor objects will not carry over.)

Back Yard:

Close up of the back yard showing off the in door pool:

Inside view of the top floor:

Close up of the room inspired by my grandmother's house:

The kitchen/dining area:

Side view showing how different parts of the house connect outside:(See above "Close up of the room inspired by my grandmother's house" Picture)

Shead with secret passage to the basement:

Legendary Cafe basement hallway with Legend's office:

Party/basement Game Room based off of the Legenadry Club:

Front View of the house:

Although I really don't upload too much anymore, since I don't play as much, you can still check out the other houses, furniture, and clothing I have made as well by visiting my Sims 3 Page at:

Thanks for checking it out guys ^_^

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