Which Megaman game do you HOPE Capcom is working on?

As I'm sure all of you know, a few weeks ago Capcom announced that we could expect to see a brand new Megaman game sometime in the future; however that's basically all that was said. To avoid another Legends 3, or Megaman Universe (which were two games that were announced before they were approved and put into full development), Capcom withheld all detailed information and kept that announcement as vague as possible.

Anyway with that being said, what game are YOU personally hoping for? If we take a step back and look at the current Megaman series, you would see that many of them have plenty of room left to expand; so before you answer my question, lets take a minute to think back.


The classic series is the original set of games which gets expanded every once in awhile. When it comes to the story we already know that it will end at some point, but how it gets to that end is still unknown. Still, because of this, Capcom can easily expand on the original series without having to worry about creating plot holes. It's also possible that we could get remakes of the older games as well, after all Capcom DID plan on remaking them and releasing them under the "Powered Up" series, but as of right now it seems there are no plans to do so.


Although Megaman X also has a beginning and end, due to it's placement in the timeline, there's still a lot left unanswered. While one of the Megaman X6 endings (Zero's ending) shows the future at an unknown point in time, we really don't know what happens from the end of X8 up to that point. Megaman X8 is one of them games that ends in a cliffhanger which makes it pretty clear that there was going to be an X9; however due to poor sales of Rockman X8 in Japan, that sequel still hasn't happened. We still don't know what happens to Axl, and we still don't know what happens to lead up to Zero locking himself away for testing. Sure we do have Command Mission (which takes place in the year 22XX), but if you take into account that the game was released BEFORE X8, then you would see that we still don't know Axl's fate. Maybe they save him before Command Mission, or maybe nothing has happened to him yet until AFTER Command Mission. Only a sequel would tell... There's also the canceled Maverick Hunter X project, which was going to be a remake of X1-6, but after the first release didn't sell as well as they might have hoped, it seems that Capcom decided against making the others.


The Zero series is one of the FEW Megaman series to have actually ended, and because of that there really isn't much they could do. Sure there is a year gap between Zero 1 and 2, but that's just about it. Unless Capcom wanted to fill that year gap in, or release a game to bridge a gap between Zero and ZX, the Zero series is finished. They could do some remakes though.


The ZX series is a series that ends in one of the biggest cliffhangers in Megaman. Very much like X8, ZX ends with us being unsure of what will happen next. You find out one of the "good guys" is actually a "bad guy," and they want to "reset" the world. Since the Zero and ZX games were created to bridge the gap from X to Legends, it's possible the next game could show how the Legends world came to be (destroyed/flooded/all humans dead), but we really don't know that for sure. Game ended in a cliffhanger, and there just isn't much more to say than that.


Shouldn't have to explain this one! If it wasn't for the Legends 3 project, many people here at Capcom-Unity wouldn't be here, and if it wasn't for Legends 3, Megaman would have gone back to being an almost unknown game. Still the facts are as followed. The second game ended in a cliffhanger, Capcom wasted a year of their staff's life only to can a game they were really looking forward to releasing, and millions of fans are still upset. Maybe one day Legends 3 will pick back up, but it's very unlikely.

Battle Network:

This series also ended, but there's still gaps to fill. We don't know anything about Lan's highschool life, and there's also the ending in BN6 where we learn Lan now has a son. They could easily go back and tell either of these stories with a new series, but the original series is in fact done. There was a remake of BN1 released a few years ago though, but it never made it to the west.

Star Force:

Just like with BN, SF had an ending, but that ending was actually in the remake of Battle Network. Although Star Force 3 was the true end for the series, Geo (Subaru) returned for one last mini adventure where he traveled to the past and met up with Lan. Not saying it isn't possible to expand the series, but it seems that Capcom is done with it for now.

New Series:

Always possible! Megaman spans quite a few different genres, so you never know when Capcom is going to release a completely new series!

So, now with all of that being said, which game would you like to see next? A follow up to one of the older games, or would you like to see something brand new? As for me, I'd love to see another Megaman X game. X9, Command Mission 2, or some spin off, it really doesn't matter to me! Just as long as the games keep going, and we finally get to see what happens next!

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