Sunday, January 6, 2013

Somewhat Disturbing Blast from Megaman's "Past"

Remember Nintendo Power, that very much loved magazine by Nintendo? Well as you might know, Nintendo Power came to an end last month, and with it's last issue they decided to give their fans a walk through memory lane; however there's one thing they seem to have left out.

Back in one of the earlier issues of Nintendo Power, Nintendo actually held a contest where fans could send ideas in for new bosses in the next Megaman game. Well a lot of boss ideas sent in did in fact end up becoming characters later on in the series, although chances are Capcom came up with most of them on their own, but there's one boss who never made it in any way shape or form. Let me introduce you guys to Terror Teddy!

I'm not going to lie, but this creation by Grayson Shuler just flat out disturbs me. Besides the fact that she is Dr. Wily's "daughter," just look at that thing she's in! I guess they weren't lying when they called it "Terror Teddy." Really, if this idea ever made it into a Megaman game, it would have been pure nightmare fuel (even more so than Sigma's melted skull shooting a beam through Zero's chest).

Really though, I'm not saying it was a bad idea, and also at the time Megaman's story had still yet to be developed. This was all created back when a lot of people still thought Megaman was a funny 40 year old guy in a blue and yellow suit, and we really didn't know too much about Dr. Wily. So yeah, I can see why someone would create something like this for a contest, but I also completely understand why it didn't win.
Anyway I just thought this was something interesting I could share, so, there ya go people!

(Note: I'd like to give a special thanks to the Angry Video Game Nerd. Since I wasn't able to really find any pictures of this thing online, go figure, I actually ended up screen capping it from his Nintendo Power Video. For anyone who has yet to see that video I recommend checking it out on youtube; however due to strong language I'm prevented from actually posting it here... Still, it's worth a watch!)