Saturday, February 9, 2013

Netto's Gaming Secrets: Super Mario Bros not as it seems...

Well the other day I made a post talking about how Megaman Star Force 1 might have originally been planned as a 3D Battle Network game, and that got me thinking! There's actually a LOT of unknown "gaming secrets" out there, and I figured I could start a little mini series to focus on them! Each of these posts will focus on a different secret/lesser known fact from different popular video games, and most of them might shock you! So with that being said, I wanted to start the whole thing with a kind of disturbing hidden truth.
Super Mario Bros (1) is a game that we all know, and a lot of people love. It's the game that really pushed video games forward, and it's the game that put Nintendo on the map! Even so there's one small detail that I'm sure a lot of people don't even know about, and I'm sure Nintendo would love to keep it that way... And that's why I'm going to tell you guys! Sorry Nintendo, but you brought this on yourself!

In the original Japanese version of Super Mario Bros, the story was actually quite a lot different from what most of us know. In the original game/original story the evil Koopa King used magic on the people who live in the mushroom kingdom (which are Taods judging by the pictures they included with the story information), and he turned them into objects: blocks, mushrooms, fire flowers, etc... Now just think about that for a moment... Notice anything?

Now if you've never played Mario before, let me explain! The games are loaded up with blocks you crush for points, you eat mushrooms and use fire flowers as power ups, you pick up coins, and you crush enemies with your feet. So, in other words, if all of these "objects" are actually the people of the Mushroom Kingdom; JUST THINK WHAT MARIO IS DOING TO THEM!

The goal of the game was to save the princess so she could break the curse, but what's the point if Mario just smashed his way to her!? Yeah it's actually kind of messed up if you think about it! Even so, this was just the original Japanese version, and things have changed since then. Although that was the original concept of the game; it really isn't canon. This kind of thing actually happened a lot back in the day when video games didn't have full story lines, and you really can't hold it against Nintendo for doing something this crazy. Still it's an interesting hidden truth of Super Mario Bros!