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Well, it's been awhile since my Persona 4 Golden review went live, and since then I've been throwing around a few ideas for some upcoming reviews. For the past few months or so a few people have been requesting that I continued with my GCN Classic review series, but a few other games have gotten in my, and in the end they took priority over them. Really for quite some time now I have been wanting to review Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, and Kirby Air Ride, but every time I sat down to work on one of them something else showed up. Metal Gear Rising was released, Tomb Raider was released, Fire Emblem Awakening came out, and I also finally got around to playing Persona 4 Golden (which I felt deserved to be reviewed). Really I just haven't had the time to stick to older games, when newer ones are still being released all the time.

Now, with that being said, I do have a few reviews I plan on doing very soon, but I'm really not sure when I'll be able to get them out. The thing is, June is tomorrow and it is going to be a VERY busy month! First of all, Animal Crossing New Leaf finally is going to be released here in the states on the 9th, The Last of Us will be out within the next two weeks, Project X Zone is finally coming to the west (which is actually a pretty big shock), Capcom's new IP Remember Me will be launching as well, and there's a few others coming out as well. To sum it up, a lot of big name games that a lot of us have been waiting years for will finally be coming out, and I plan on reviewing quite a few of them.

Although I know I wont be able to pick up every game this month, I do plan on getting Animal Crossing, The Last of Us, and Project X Zone for sure. While The Last of Us will take priority over the other games as far as its review goes, I would also really like to review Project X Zone as well. These type of crossover games rarely make it to the west, and it is a game that I feel a lot more people should know about. Although, there are a few other games I'd like to review as well.

As most of you know, on the 30th Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages and Seasons finally hit the Nintendo eShop which is the first time we've seen the games since 2001. Due to its eShop release, a lot of new comers are getting into the games, and the nostalgia of replaying them really makes me want to do a quick review of them as well. Although they are older games, they really aren't as dated as you'd think, and they really do still hold up even after all these years. On top of that I've also been playing through the Metal Gear Solid HD collection, which is a set of games I've been wanting to review since Netto's Game Room opened up in 2011.

Well, anyway, although I do plan on reviewing quite a few games very soon, I really can't promise anything. I've been pretty busy lately, and there really is no telling when I'll be able to get to them all. Either way though, you can expect to see at least one new review very soon!

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