Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sonic Lost World is a Sequel to Sonic Colors it seems

Just the other day the trailer for Sonic Lost World was released, and fans have been talking about it ever since. While not much has been confirmed about Lost World, some aspects of the game are slowly starting to come into the light. Now I didn't point this out back when I posted the trailer (as I mainly focused on how it seemed to be Sonic Xtreme reborn), but there are some details that appear to show that this game is a sequel to the Wii exclusive Sonic Colors. Now the easiest way to prove this is to watch the trailer for yourself, and take it frame by frame, but here's a few features I'd like to point out.

  • Wisps are back. While we don't know how big of a role they will play, the cyan diamonds that were used for the laser ability can be seen in the trailer, and even a cyan wisp container can be seen at one point.
  • Animals and classic enemies make their return, and so do a few other Green Hill like aspects. For example Sonic can be seen running over the bridge that's near the start of Green Hill, and even some of the background objects can be seen. Although we haven't really seen any other stages, they too may be based on areas from Sonic's past; or even based on areas seen in Xtreme.
  •  Sonic's spin has returned as well. According to SEGA's official summary, it is in fact the "spin dash;" however that could mean anything. It could be an actual spin dash feature, or it could be Sonic's top speed like in Generations. We'll just have to wait and find out for sure.
  • At another point in the trailer you can see rings being pulled toward Sonic as he runs by them. Although it is too early to tell, this may confirm some type of Sonic dash that we've become used to seeing since Unleashed. Although this isn't official/confirmed.
  •  There are 6 main "zones" in the game, but there may be a 7th final area as well. Although this is just speculation, that may be where Eggman is. On a side note, it turns out Sonic ended up in this Lost World as he chased Eggman through space. This could possibly be another connection the game has to Colors.
  • Its a minor detail, but the checkpoints are in the style of the ones seen in the classic games.
  • Although this is to be expected, it seems the game will in fact be keeping the "new" voice actors. In other words, Roger Craig Smith is still Sonic. (Pretty sure it's too early to be thinking about changing now, but with SEGA you never really know what to expect.)
Well, that about sums up everything we know about the game just from the trailer. With E3 just around the corner, I'm sure even more of the game will come to light very soon.

Update: According to SEGA's official webpage, a few more features have been confirmed as well. First of all the Wii U version will have a race style multiplayer mode. You will be able to challenge your friends, to races to show off your skills. Second of all, it turns out that there will in fact be new wisp powers included in the game as well. Although we aren't sure what these powers will include, it turns out one of them will allow Sonic to "fly through the air." Finally, it turns out the 3DS version of the game in fact be in full 3D! Although there is no official word on if it is going to in fact be the same game as the Wii U version, at least we know it'll be somewhat the same. For more check out SEGA's official page by going to the following URL: