Thursday, June 6, 2013

KONAMI's Pre-E3 Show 2013

KONAMI's Pre-E3 show is now live, and up on YouTube for the world to see. While I'm sure KONAMI is going to wait for E3 to really show off most of their major announcements; with their pre-E3 show they did at least drop one good chunk of news.

As you may or may not know, for the past few months fans have been speculating over who the brand new voice actor for Metal Gear Solid V's main character Big Boss would be. Well, it turns out it is none other than Kiefer Sutherland; who is well known for his role as Jack on 24, as well as his newer role of Martin in Touch. Personally, although I will miss David Hayter, I feel that Kojima made a good call with this one. Kiefer has proven to be a great actor, and I'm sure that he'll do (the now 49 year old) Big Boss justice. For more information over MGS5's new voice actor; as well as a few other games, check out KONAMI's Pre-E3 Show below!