Major Forum Update

Yesterday the Netto's Game Room Forums received a major update. In order to help integrate the NGR blog with the forums, a sidebar has been added, an RSS feed has been put in place, and an updated version of the NGR Classic Theme has been added to the Theme list as well. The sidebar includes the very same quick access links found here on the blog, and allows for almost seamless transition between the forum posts, reviews, and news articles. However; there is one catch.

The new sidebar and RSS feed are in fact relative to the rest of the forum, and this includes the single advertisement located between the forum's banner, and the first category. While normally the sidebar will be aligned with the rest of the forum, this may not always be the cause depending on your web browser and settings. If you are using either Firefox, Google Chrome, or any of the open source Firefox versions, and if you are running an application that blocks advertisements, this will impact the forum view. To make up for this issue that some of you may experience, a brand new Theme titled "NGR Classic λμ (LambdaMU)" has been put in place. This Theme takes into account the blocked advertisements, and updates the forum view accordingly.

Although quite a few changes were made to the forum yesterday, this is only a small part in a much larger overall update. Over the past week we here at NGR have been making minor updates to the website and forums in order to help bring a better experience. During the past week we have added special tags to our reviews, we have made a few minor changes to our quick link system in general, and now we have integrated the quick link menu in with our forums as well as on our Tumblr page; however this is not all we plan to do. In the near future we hope to add yet another Theme to the NGR forums, but this time we will be taking mobile devices into consideration. The NGR Classic Mobile Theme will go into the works shortly, so you can expect to see it sometime in the near future.

If you have yet to check out the NGR forums and become a part of our community, please check out the following URL:

We hope to see you soon!

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