Netto's Game Room Live - Coming Soon

Within the next week or two, NGR will be revealing a brand new feature. As you may or may not know, Netto's Game Room has always been dedicated to bringing fans the latest video game news and updates, video game reviews, as well as an odd discussion article from time to time. Just about everything we do and post relates back to video games, but for the most part this content has remained as written articles. Well, that is about to change!

Today I am proud to announce the upcoming "NGR Live" feature. Using video streaming service "Twitch," we will begin broadcasting video game gameplay, and lets plays. This stream will be connected to my personal PlayStation 4 at all times, so as I play the world will be able to watch. As of right now we are currently planning on streaming just about everything; the moment I receive a new game and put it in for the first time, you guys will be able to see it. These videos will then be archived, and uploaded to our YouTube channel at a later date (depending on what was streamed that is).

As of right now, this stream is planned to be a late night show. Typically the shorter streams will start around 10:00 PM central time, and end around 11:30 PM on weekdays, but this will not always be the case. Some streams may start around 6:00 PM central time, and last well into the midnight hour, while streams on the weekend may last anywhere from morning to night, to 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM shows. Basically the times of the showings will vary from day to day, but most streams will last well over an hour and a half.

When filming a lets play, or a playthrough of a game, the stream will be announced here on Netto's Game Room, on Tumblr, on Twitter, and on our Google Plus page; however this will not always be the case for "random" gameplay. For example, if we were to record the story mode of Battlefield 4, an announcement will be made; however if I (or any other NGR writer) decides to play a few random matches online, the stream will not be announced. Since we are currently planning on streaming everything, we really see no reason to announce it each time we play unless it is going to be a part of the series. In other words, you are free to check the stream for random airings, but series WILL be announced.

At this time one of the first game we plan on streaming is actually Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. While this isn't a "newer" game or a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the PlayStation 4 version of the game does have some differences, and we are sure that some of you out there would like to see it in action. Besides Assassin's Creed IV, we are also planning on streaming Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and possibly Knack.

Now keep in mind that games may not be played in order from start to finish. We may start a stream of Assassin's Creed IV, but we may switch over to Battlefield 4 as well. On another note, if fans request that we check out another game, if the majority vote wins, we will comply. For the most part our streams will be flexible, but there will be some exceptions.

Right now we currently do not have a date for when our stream will go live; however it will be within the next two weeks. Although I am personally hoping for a Friday (11/22/2013) launch, this may not be the case.

Anyway, if you would like to check out our future stream, feel free to click on "NGR Live" on the left side of this screen, or simply visit and click that follow button. By following us you'll be notified the moment our stream goes live, even without having to check our main page.

Well, that's all for now guys. I look forward to seeing you all later this week! Hopefully!

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