Friday, December 6, 2013

Steam Virus warning!

Hello there readers.

If two people by name of NisseFar and Nivek want to add you to their friend list,  DO NOT ACCEPT! It is a virus! Pass this message on to everyone on your friends list.. It is a hard drive killer, and a very horrible virus. Please let everyone know.

This virus has seriously damaged over 2000 computers already; however, you will be fine as long as you and your friends don't add these people to your friend list.

Have a nice day readers.

Update by NettoSaito:

Hello everyone, I just wanted you all to know that I personally looked into the matter. This virus strain is actually very similar to the ones that used to be popular on instant messengers such as MSN. When it came to such chat programs, the virus you added to your contact list would often either open your share folder and add the files, send you a download invite, or link you to a website. Considering Steam does not have access to the same file sharing services as such chat programs, this virus is limited on what it can do.

Upon being added by the above contacts, you will be linked to a webpage which will load up a Java based app. As long as you do not open a link to this website, you will be fine. Another alternative would be to uninstall Java or block all Java with your web browser, but these options would be going a bit overboard.

Just remember to play it safe.