Monday, December 9, 2013

NGR Update

Hello everyone, and welcome to Netto's Game Room. Today we are happy to announce that we here at NGR are finally taking our first steps forward toward a major revision of NGR as you know it. Yesterday we made a post on the forums which discussed some minor changes with the social aspects of the website, but today I would like to go into a little bit more detail about our future plans. Now before I go on, let me remind you that this change is still work in progress, and I cannot go into too great of detail because of that.

Since the moment Netto's Game Room opened outside of its original home, we have been using a lot of "default" settings. When we decided to use the Blogger software to run the blog, we also decided to use one of the default templates provided to us. This template is known as "Awesome Inc," and it is one which anyone using Blogger is free to use. We felt that it was a nice template that would suit our needs, and after changing it up a bit, we were able to turn it into something that we felt was right.

Up until now, this template has served us well. It is a nice simple template which lets us do everything we need, but something about it just feels wrong. We broke away from our original home at Capcom-Unity to become something of our own, and although we managed to do so; we are still limited on what we can do with our blogs design. We have to stay within the settings Awesome Inc has defined for us, and because of that we do not have true freedom. This is why we have decided to take this next step.

In the coming weeks or so, Netto's Game Room will be redesigned. We will still continue to operate just as we always have, but our look and feel will be completely different. We will have a new banner to replace our current "place holder," the template we use will have been built from scratch specifically for Netto's Game Room, and we may have some major changes to our navigation and other functions as well.

Currently this revamp is still in the planing stages, but we will be slowly introducing new aspects as time goes on. Yesterday we took the first step toward changing our social aspects, but this is just one of the minor changes we needed to take to push this update into full swing.

As of right now, this update only applies to the main page of Netto's Game Room. While the forums, and Tumblr page, may receive overhauls in the future; they currently are not a part of this revision. For more information, please check back soon.