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Today Netto's Game Room underwent one of our first major updates. From this day forward, NGR will now be integrated with our Google + page, and will be able to make use of Google + features.

On the surface, the blog hasn't changed at all. We will continue operating the way we always have, the site will still work the same, anyone who subscribed to us via Google, Email, or RSS feed will still receive updates, and you can still comment on blog posts as a Blogger member or as a guest. This aspect of the blog is still the same, and will not be changing anytime soon; however, if you're a member of Google +, some things will be different.

Now that NGR is linked with Google +, you have the option to comment with your Google + profile, you can easily +1 and share posts with your friends, and you can also use our  +Netto's Game Room to keep track of us. Since the site is now integrated with our + page, blog posts go live there the moment they are published on the blog. Before there was a gap between our publish time and our share time simply due to the fact we had to do it by hand, but this is no longer an issue. Publishing is almost instant, and it makes it easier for everyone.

Besides the Google + integration, a few other minor changes were made as well. New tags were added to our review list for games only released in specific regions, and we also made a minor update to our contact page. For quite awhile now we have been getting contacted by game developers asking if we would support their games. While we were more than happy to show our support, we never really had anything explaining if we would do this sort of thing or not. Well, we have now added a section to do just this. As explained under contact, Netto's Game Room is always more than happy to show our support for the gaming industry. If you are a game developer who would like to promote your game, or have us review one of your games; we are more than happy to do so.

Other than these updates, a few others are in the works as well. Just lately I (NettoSaito) was asked to be a writer for, and I accepted. What this means is, soon some new blog posts will become exclusive, and they will be linked to via our other social channels (such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr on top of Google +). While this will not have a major impact on our main page, it will draw more traffic towards the blog as all articles will link back to here. We also have a few other updates in the works, but at this time I am unable to comment on them.

Anyway, thank you guys for reading, and if you'd like to check out our new Google + comment system, feel free to do so!

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