Dysfunctional Systems Kickstarter

Well, it's been a while since I last posted. I didn't really feel like writing anything at all lately, and barely used the internet when it didn't come to games, Skype, or YouTube. But this is really important to me, personally, so I'll cut off my... uh... break for it.

For those of you who don't know, there's a short visual novel over Steam that's called Dysfunctional Systems. While I can't really call that one a game, since there's barely any impact of the player on the plot, it is well-written and interesting. It costs about $5, which is definitely a decent price for such an experience, and after finishing both endings, I just couldn't wait for the next part of the plot to arrive.

You see, the visual novel that's currently on Steam is only the first episode in the series, out of three that are planned. And, unfortunately, even though the game was comperatively successful, they didn't raise as much money as they hoped to get in order to make the next two episodes. That's where the Kickstarter come in.

With this Kickstarter, they're aiming to get $49,000 CAD, with prizes for pledges such as one, two, or all three of the episodes, when the latter two episodes are released, the soundtrack, the game on a USB, and more. I already pledged, since after playing the first episode, I couldn't stop myself. At the time this post is written, they're currently standing on $28,641 CAD, and even though they're past the middle point, they still have quite a way to go.

I wish to make it clear - Netto's Game Room was not asked by any mean to publicize this Kickstarter, and I'm only posting this because I'm a fan of the first episode, and I would personally like to see the next two see the light of day.

If you are unsure of whether or not you'd be interested, a kinetic novel, which is basically a visual novel with no player decisions, written by the same guy who's writing Dysfunctional Systems named Juniper's Knot, is available free of charge here.

If you are interested in Dysfunctional Systems, please pledge even $1 CAD for this project, because it's a project that I feel like will be amazing if it succeeds.

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