Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Well it's that time of year again! Spring cleaning time! Now normally Spring Cleaning is when you finally get out of the house now that Winer is past, and you take care of all the things you've been putting off. You fix up the yard, get your house back in order, etc. Well, here at NGR we are doing the very same thing... Sort of.

Starting today, and over the next few weeks, we will be working on the site. Although some of the changes will be behind the scenes work (such as bug fixes), many of our changes will be visible to all you readers out there. We will be making updates to our new layout, and we also have a few new major projects in the works as well! So, what changes will we be making you ask? Well, for once I am going to tell you!

As of right now, we have quite a few major video projects in the works. Although I cannot go into detail about what they are (sorry), I can tell you that they've been in the works for awhile now, and we are finally ready to start rolling them out. With the release of our new projects, however, we will also be removing our older videos. Back when we first started our lets play series, one of our writers named "Frost" was the head of the project. The plan was to establish a starting point, and expand on it as time went on; however, Frost decided to leave NGR shortly after due to  personal reasons.

With our new videos, the projects have been handed over to the team originally set in place to take over once the initial phase had ended. To make way for the new, our "testing phase" videos will be removed, and their links will be taken down from the website, as well as from our social media pages.

On top of our new video projects, and removing our older ones, we will also be "cleaning" other sections of the site as well. Originally when we would live stream a blog post would be made and bumped to the top of the page; however, with our new layout that is no longer needed. When we go live, the stream will now appear embedded above the "Welcome to NGR" banner. Because of this change, we will be removing older live stream posts to help un-clutter the site.

The final changes we will be making shortly (which can actually be visible) will be to the layout. At this time on the main page of the site you will see a very generic "Welcome to NGR" banner. It doesn't do anything other than reload the front page, and take up space. Well, in reality, that is our site highlights banner. Although it cannot be seen at this moment, it is currently cycling through many place holder banners which will soon be replaced. The purpose of this section is to not only welcome you to NGR, but to also highlight the major aspects of it, and let you know about some of our major announcements. On top of that, we will also be adding links back to our social media pages as well (which can be found at the bottom of the page in the standard button format).

Besides updating the layout, and removing unneeded content, we have also been fixing minor issues with the site as well. For anyone who was reporting issues with our mobile template, we are happy to announce that all bugs have been worked out, and that we will continue working on the minor issues with the main site as well.

Well that about sums it up! On top of the Spring Cleaning and new video projects, we have a few more reviews in the works as well, so stay tuned for updates. Until next time everyone!