Monday, June 16, 2014

NGR Update - 6/16/2014

Last week was pretty crazy with E3 and all, but that didn't stop us from making some changes here at NGR. So anyway, here's some of our latest updates you may have missed.

Our first major change affects you our readers, and it changes how you can get in contact with us. Before if you wanted to get a hold of us or apply for a job, you could head on over to our "Contact" page, find our email address, and then email us. While this page is still here with our email listed, we have made a major change to our job application process. Rather than emailing us and letting us know you are interested in a position here at Netto's Game Room, instead you can use this form, which is now also listed in the contact page. Simply fill out all fields marked with * and then hit submit. Your application will then be saved in our new database (yay) and be reviewed. Just like with any job application, if we like what we see, we will then get in contact with you to setup an interview.

The second change made to NGR is one we mentioned quite a few weeks ago. As you know we have a "Welcome to NGR" banner on the home page. Well, we're finally making changes to it. For the week of E3 we added an "E3 News" banner in place of it, which could then be clicked on to get all of our latest E3 updates. This is something we'll actually be keeping from here on out, but with some major changes. At this moment the banner switches back and forth between the E3 banner and our welcome banner, but soon, it will be highlighting all of the major events here at NGR instead. You'll be able to see our latest review, quick links to our playthroughs, major news articles, and event coverage links instead of that generic welcome message we've had for too long. It'll be another way to help you navigate the site easier, and stay up to date with our largest updates without having to scroll through hundreds of other articles to find it. Plus, it'll add pictures to the home page, and lets face it, who doesn't like pictures?

Besides these two updates, there are some minor changes as well; mostly done to our internal systems which won't affect most of you. We have also made some changes to the thumbnail images for the article previews, but that's also something we will continue to work on in the near future.

Well that's it for now! Until next time people. (Which just might be sooner than you think.)