World 1-1 Out Now! Review on the way!

If you have been following NGR over the past year then you should remember us mentioning the upcoming video game documentary "World 1-1." It originally started as a Kickstarter (which we shared with you guys), but once it reached its goal it went into full production. Well, after a year long wait the day is finally here! World 1-1 is out now! If you are interested in video game history, you can head on over to the following website:

As for how the movie is? Well, we here at NGR were lucky enough to receive an early copy (thanks guys!) and we plan on having a full review up of the film this weekend. Not going to say anything now, but we hope you look forward to it! As for those of you who know you'll like the film, again, feel free to pick it up if you haven't already. (No need to wait on us.)

So with that being said, we hope you look forward to both the review and the film. See you all again soon.

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