Site Redesign and Updates Underway

It's 2016 and it is time for yet another new look. Since the day we opened, we here at NGR have been sticking to a specific style. We've only used lighter colors, we've reused the same background time and time again, and the blog has always had a touch of orange. Well, all of that has changed.

From this point on Netto's Game Room will be taking on a darker look. We've replaced our old background (which is something a specific someone has been pushing for for quite some time), we've darkened the shade of blue, removed the orange, and have added a touch of silver as well. We have also updated our official forums to fit this new theme, but as we mentioned in an update there this is till a work in progress.

Although much of the website redesign is finished, we still have a lot left to do. For one we still need to replace our banner, but I'd also like to make some other changes to the general layout of the site. While I cannot go into specifics, currently I'm looking into ways to:

  • Streamline the review list.
  • Make transitioning between the home page and forums smoother.
  • and improve the mobile site, and update it to fit with the new theme.
As of right now I cannot give you an estimated completion time, but just know that most of these changes will be incorporated as soon as possible. We're hoping to make 2016 NGR's best year yet, so please stay tuned... And sorry for a lackluster 2015...

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