New Mega Man Cartoon coming in 2017

Well, this was a bit unexpected. Yesterday it was announced over at our old home Capcom-Unity that a brand new Mega Man Cartoon is in the works. Created by the same team behind the hit cartoon series "Ben 10," this new show follows the story of a young robot named "Aki Light" as he goes to school, hangs out with friends, and lives out his normal robot life; except, it's actually anything but normal. Apparently Aki has the ability to transform himself into a (fighting robot?) super hero named Mega Man, which grants him the use of his mega buster and other abilities. Using these powers, Aki protects Silicon City from the forces of evil.
Currently not much else is known about this cartoon, nor are we even really sure what this Mega Man actually is. As many of you may know, the Mega Man series isn't actually as simple as having a single "Mega Man," and it's possible that this new version of him will be something similar. For example, Mega Man and "Mega Man X" are two different robots set within the same universe at different points of time, yet "Mega Man" from Legends (originally named Rock in Japan) is a completely different character with no relation to past Mega Man characters who lives far in the future. Then you have the characters given the title of "Mega Man" in the ZX series (which takes place between the X and Legends series), and there are also other characters whom have had the name/title of Mega Man as well, but I'll avoid discussing them to avoid spoilers. On the flip side of things though, there is also another timeline within the Mega Man series which is loosely based off of the original, but mostly in name only. The Battle Network series saw our classic characters re-imagined as virtual programs fighting in a cyber world, and Mega Man Starforce continued the storyline hundreds of years later with a young grade school hero named Geo taking on the name of "Mega Man" as his secret identity to fight crime -- a concept which sounds very much like this new cartoon series' story.

So, the question is: will this new cartoon be a brand new Mega Man in his own timeline? Or is this going to be a different take on the "classic" story that we have all come to know and love -- something similar to what the original Mega Man cartoon did many years ago? Again, we really don't know, but I'm sure Capcom will be announcing more as time goes on. In the mean time, check out the newly designed Mega Man pic above, and begin the speculation.

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