Saturday, October 26, 2019

Site Update - 10/25/2019

It's been about a year since I last updated you guys on what is going on with NGR, so I figured I'd catch everyone up to speed.

Blog Changes:

  • Blog width has been adjusted. It's a minor change, but it makes reading a bit easier on the eyes, and gives us more room on the side bar (which will also be updated in the future).
  •  Minor links such as "Contact Us" and "About Us" have been moved to the bottom of the page, and out of our main navigation bar.
  • The About Us page has been completely redone with site history.
  • I brought back the original NGR background. It's just easier to look at compared to our darker colored "grid" background. (Although there's another reason for this change as well, which I will cover soon.)
  • Minor graphic have been updated. This was basically done to match with the blog's new dimensions. Nothing too major. (Doubt many will even notice.)
  • Tags have been added for Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This is something I originally planned to do from the start, but opted out in favor of the article filter.
  • Hundreds of past articles have been updated to fit with this new company based filter system. Although I will try to add all past articles to the filters, it's always possible something will be overlooked. That being said, all articles going forward WILL use this new system so only older articles may be missing. (Note: Other filters such as "Mobile" may be added in the future.)
  • To go along with the previous mentioned update, the current filter system has been removed, and replaced with an "Originals" section (Name Subject to Change). This will be the new location of the Review List, and it'll also link to long running blog series. 
  • The label system has also been cleaned up. While some labels still need to be removed at this time, most not needed ones are no longer there. So what does that mean for you guys? Simple, clicking on a label at the bottom of a post should lead you to other related content, and not the same article you are already reading. Back when NGR first opened our policy was "use whatever labels fit your article," and it completely backfired on us. The result was hundreds of not needed tags that only made it harder to get around. So yeah, this is (mostly) fixed now, and will be something I'll continue to improve on.
  • The "News" filter has been removed, but the label still exists. Since we have company filters, there's not much of a reason to actually call out news. If you still want to filter by news however, all you have to do is click on any news article's label to be brought to the full list.
  • Our link to Facebook has been removed. The group still exists, but for the time being we'll mainly stick with Twitter.
  • Behind the scenes updates. I'm not going to go into these, but they mostly have to do with site settings and what not. 
Upcoming Changes: 

  • Mobile Site Updates. Once everything is said and done with the desktop version of the site, I'll be updating the mobile site as well. 
  • New blog series. I can't go into this too much, but a few new ones will be starting shortly.
  • Smaller blog fixes. I'll continue to tweak everything I've already discussed. Not much more I can say about this!
And that about covers it. The updates will be an ongoing process, but I figured I'd let everyone know now. Also if you have any suggestions as to what you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment below. Comments are open to the public, so feel free to speak your mind!