Black Friday Deals

It's almost that time of year again guys! Black Friday is just a few days away, but in the mean time quite a few deals have already gone live online. So to make things a bit easier for you, here are some quick links to what different stores have to offer. Just keep in mind that more deals will be added or possibly taken away as items sell out, so keep an eye out, and act quick if you find something you really want.

Walmart - A wide verity of items are on sell here (as it's Walmart), but they have quite a few games on sale as well. While it's actually better to go into a physical store, there are already some nice deals on the website.

Best Buy - Everything from video games, to TVs, to PCs, and accessories. Another good place to visit in person, but online sales are already up and running.

GameStop - GameStop has quite a few games discounted, with some being as much as 50% off.

Amazon - A lot is being discounted over at Amazon, but that's to be expected. Click on the video game icon at the top of the page for games, or whatever other department you'd like to shop under.

PlayStation Store - A little over 250 games on sale here. This includes a $15 and under section, and a discount on PlayStation Plus.

Xbox - 600 games on sale with this one. Some games are both for Xbox One and PC, so keep an eye out if you prefer your games on either.

Steam Sale - Just open up Steam and you're good to go. Hundreds of games have been discounted, and that most likely includes games on your wish list.

GOG Weekly Sale - While not labeled Black Friday, GOG has a sale going on for the next week. Worth checking out if you're a PC gamer.

EA Black Friday - EA has multiple games on sale across multiple platforms. By going to their website you can choose between PlayStation, Xbox, or their own Origin platform on PC.

Ubisoft - Another PC sale (although their games are appearing in other sales as well). This sale does extend past video games however, with other merchandise available as well.

And that about covers it. Of course many other stores are offering discounts as well, and I'm sure everyone has their favorites, but these are just some of the top ones you may want to check out. (Especially Amazon and Steam, but Walmart and Best Buy typically have nice deals as well.)

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