Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3DS - Sonic Generations and Best Buy's new Download Service

Well here's some bits of news that I figured I'd pass along.

I'm sure almost everyone has heard about Sega's new Sonic Generation game right? Well it turns out it's going to be released on the 3DS and PC as well! Yep that's right, the HD exclusive is going to make it to other systems after all! Apparently (Sega parent company) Sega Sammy put Sonic Generations 3DS and PC on the game list along with the 360/ps3 version at their annual financial results presentation. Although Sega has not flat out said "GENERATIONS 3DS AND PC," putting it on the list makes it pretty clear that it's true (however if there was some type of mistake I will make sure to let you guys know since companies are known to make slip ups like this at times).

A few weeks ago rumors poped up that a 3DS version for Sonic Generations could be in the works, but it is now official and with that it will mark Sonic's first 3DS appearance. Sega already has released Super Monkey Ball on the 3DS but up until now their 3DS game list has been very limited. Back during E3 2010 Sega did bring up "Sonic 3D" but at the time no real information was ever given, other than the fact that Sonic would be on the 3DS at one point. Well really it's kind of hard to tell if Generations is that "Sonic 3D" or if Sonic 3D is a game on it's own. Either way you can expect to hear more news at this years E3.
For anyone who hasn't seen the trailer for Sonic Generations check this out.

The game will feature both Classic and Modern Sonic with levels from the Classic Era, Dreamcast Era, and Modern Era. Currently that's all the information we have but full videos of the first level can be found on youtube.

Now what about Bestbuy's new Download service? Well according to news Nintendo released to the press today (via the press site) Best Buy will be offering a DLC service using Nintendo's StreetPass and SpotPass features. The service will go into effect June 7th at 1000 select Best Buys nation wide and will allow 3DS owners to download content such as extras for games and even movie trailers.

Right now this offer hasn't been annoucned for any other stores but if you remember what happened with the DS and it's download stations, I'm pretty sure you can expect to see the same thing poping up in other stores sooner or later. (My bets are on gamestop getting this set up as well.)

Really Nintendo hasn't said much else about the SpotPass feature or what you'll all be able to download using it, but some game companies have already announced plans to release daily DLC (such as costumes for Dead or Alive) so it may be worth checking out. Just keep your 3DS on sleep mode and who knows what'll pop up.