About Us

Netto's Game Room is video game blog by the fans for the fans. It originally launched back in 2011 on Capcom's official community service, "Capcom-Unity," as a fan group created in order to bring video game news, updates, and reviews to the rest of the site's members. In February of the year 2013, however, Netto's Game Room went through a major change. After two long years, Netto's Game Room finally took its first step forward, and moved away from its Capcom-Unity home.

The Netto's Game Room of today is a general video game blog where new content is posted daily. While NGR does cover your basic video game news updates, trailers, etc; we also have a wide range of exclusive content. From top 10 lists, to discussion topics, to lets plays and even live streams, NGR always has something new to offer.

Although our articles are a major part of Netto's Game Room, one of our biggest focuses is on our reviews. Just like the articles, NGR Reviews are written by a small group of gamers, each with a wide range of video game experience, and their own writing style as well. While some of the writers have received rewards for their reviewing skills prior to joining the team, others are simply fans who truly care about the games and their work. Due to the nature of our reviewing system, each writer is free to express their own opinion of a game, and they are not limited to reviewing a game only once. Here at NGR we feel that each person is entitled to their own opinions, and we encourage our reviewers to let their voice be heard. Reviews are not just black and white, everyone has their own tastes, and that is why we feel it is important to show the best of both sides when possible.

Meet the Team:

Benjamin B -

Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin, but online I am known as "NettoSaito." I'm a video game reviewer and the owner of Netto's Game Room. I have been a video game fan since I was one and a half years old, and I have spent a lot of my life playing just about every game I could get my hands on. Although I work as a CAD Drafter, I still make time to play games almost daily, and still stay in touch with just about every aspect of the gaming industry. I also have experience with game development (indie) and web design, and I am also a video game collector. If a new game is coming our, or even a new game console, then chances are, I'll be there to buy it on day one. I am also an active member of the gaming website GameFAQs, where I submit reviews from time to time, as well as other articles.

Glacial Leaf  -

Lugia -

Hello, I go by the nickname Lugia in most places. I'm the head graphics designer for Netto's Game Room, and although I'm nothing close to professional, I do what I can. I've been a gamer since I was four, although I mostly just pay attention to Nintendo's activities, playing only a few series not owned by Nintendo.

Cathony -

I'm Cathony, or Cat for short. I started playing games around when I was two, starting with Super Mario All Stars on the SNES. Most of my favorites are from Nintendo, but I also love plenty of games from other companies. I'm a Computer Engineering student, and school keeps me pretty busy, so I may not always post a lot. If you play Mabinogi, look for Cathony on the Tarlach server, I'm usually always online, though I'm not always at my computer.

Nick -

Wassup my tubular homies, my names Nick, but you dudes and dudettes can call me The Real Radical Surfin' Nick. I play video games and enjoy em man, my favorite video game of all time has to be the gnarly Metal Gear Solid 3. One day I was out catchin some sweet waves when some guy called Ben just surfed up to me and is like "Hey dude! Wanna check out this sweet site, it's got game reviews and all that gnarly stuff." That stuff sounded crazy yo, so I had to check it out! Now here I am man writing some kickin reviews and chillin it out on the interwebz with the gang. Anyway smell ya later dudes and dudettes, gotta go catch a humungus wave, and remember. Keep it chillaxin and keep it hangin!

TroubadorSymphony  -

I'm TroubadorSymphony, known by other names across the internet such as xLucian, MegamanZ, Symphonic Heir, and others. I'm a music student in the ATL who plays video games in whatever free time I have, instead of doing possibly more responsible things (that was a joke. gaming is responsible!). One of my many goals in life is to compose music for games, or at least some sort of gaming style music! I primarily play Nintendo consoles, as well as a few PC games here and there.

TheRetroGoat -

Huge gaming nerd, playing everything from Atari 2600 to Xbox 360. I have a wide variety of favorites, and there are very few types of games I don't play. When I'm not playing games (which isn't frequent) I'm generally watching anime, horror movies or playing with my dogs. My reviews can also be found over at GameFAQs.

Gunblazer42 -

I've been a gamer ever since I was four years old, starting with the Genesis and moving on to a Playstation and Nintendo 64. Now I'm a college student in love with console and PC gaming. I can't play the newest games thanks to a lack of consistent funds, but thanks to Steam's sales, I have access to a large number of PC games, and I have a strong affinity toward older games on older systems. I care more about good gameplay than shiny graphics, and I dislike number reviews.