About Us

Netto's Game Room is a video game blog created by fans, for fans. We post original content, share news stories, trailers, and even do let's plays from time to time. I know that description is pretty boring, but it's hard to put into words exactly what we are! So let's just leave it at this... Gaming is our forte!

The Complete History of NGR:

When Netto's Game Room first launched back in 2011 things were a lot different. Originally a fan community created for Capcom's official website "Capcom-Unity," NGR was a place where others fans could read up on gaming news outside of what Capcom themselves had to offer. Eventually we broke off on our own, and now here we are today. Of course, there's a bit more to the story than meets the eye...

Long before NGR was a thing, I (Ben) got my start online back when I was only 11 years old. I joined the official Sonic Team Chao BBS with my parents permission, and for the first time in my life I got to post online and tell the world what I had to say. It was an exciting time for me, and each day after school I couldn't wait to get back online. It was a lot of fun talking with others, but what it lead to is something that would stay with me forever.

After seeing other BBS members creating their own websites and forums, I wanted to give it a try too. So I asked my (at the time) uncle about web development, and he proceeded to teach me some of the basics. I was only 11 so it was a bit hard for me to understand, but that didn't keep me from trying. Eventually I was able to create some simple pages on my own, but it wasn't until I got into forum creation that things really took off for me.

The first forum I ever created was called the "Mega Man BBS." As a huge Mega Man fan I couldn't wait to do something different. It ended up being a small forum that only a handful of people would join, bit it was a fun summer project that I continued to expand upon. Eventually the Mega Man BBS lead me to create another site called "The Chao Hideout," which would go on to appear on many Sonic fan top site lists (because I was percisstant). This fan forum too would see quite a few active members, but it wasn't until Cyber Net that things really took a turn for the better.

Cyber Net was a Mega Man Battle Network RPG forum, and one of the first of it's kind. With the help of my friends at school we created something that was unique, and something that would go on to become one of the largest Battle Network fan communities at the time. With over 4,000 registered members, each day we would play out different story arcs and find different ways to keep the community involved. It was a fun time, and with each site revision we brought in something new to experience. Sadly sites such as these relied on the fanbase to stay alive, and once the Battle Network series faded, so did the forum's popularity.

Jumping ahead a few years, Mega Man's popularity was once again on the rise. With the announcement of Legends 3 being in development, fans from allover were joining Capcom-Unity to take part in the Devroom. This was the fan's chance to interact with game developers and help shape the game they had long waited for. This too is how I became a member of Capcom-Unity, and where I got the insperation for Netto's Game Room. The name "Netto" having multiple meanings here.

The first time I used the username "Netto" was in fact over at Cyber Net. During one of the events we held "I" vanished from the site when a group of "hackers" attacked. In my place was a new user by the name of "Netto," who would go on to lead the charge against the new enemies. Of course eventually I stepped forward and revealed my true identity, but rather than going back to my old username, the name Netto just stuck. Afterwords "Saito" was added onto the end to make myself a bit more unique. As for the origins of this? It's actually pretty simple. Netto was Lan's (the main character of Battle Network) Japanese name, while Saito was the Japanese name used by another character. So, as for why I chose to use my own username in my group's name? It's simply because it fit. I was Netto, Netto was a reference to a Capcom series, and it can also be translated as "Net." Net's Game Room, or "Network's Game Room." An online virtual game room for discussion of video games, by me, on Capcom's official website. A tripple meaning that only worked for me.

Of course that's not to say I meant for the group to only focus on me. The group was open for anyone to join, and those who wanted to contribute were free to do so. It's because of this that I made quite a few good friends, who even though they are technically no longer a part of NGR, are always welcome to return as guests if they'd like. Then about two years later the change was made.

With Capcom-Unity slowly declining, a friend suggested I move NGR away from there and to somewhere I could be more stand alone. There I would have more freedom on what I could do, and I didn't have to worry about Capcom moderator approval for all of my posts. This is when nettosgameroom.com was officially opened. Along with a few other writers from Capcom-Unity, we transfered nearly all of our old posts over, and got to work on writing new content. This was back in 2013, and is what would set the stages for what NGR has become today.

Netto's Game Room is now mostly a solo blog, just as it once was. Over the years many writers have come and gone, and although it's sad to see, it's very understandable. Everyone has their own lives to live afterall. Even so, I'll always appricate what they've done for me and this site, and they'll always be welcome to come and go as they please. As for how NGR will be moving forward? Well, things will keep moving forward as they always have.

About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Ben, but online I am known as "NettoSaito." I'm a video game reviewer and the owner of Netto's Game Room. I have been a video game fan since I was one and a half years old, and I have spent a lot of my life playing just about every game I could get my hands on. Although I work as a CAD Drafter, I still make time to play games almost daily, and still stay in touch with just about every aspect of the gaming industry. I also have a little experience with game development (indie) and web design, and I am also a video game collector. If a new game is coming our, or even a new game console, then chances are I'll be there to buy it on day one. I am also an active member of the gaming website GameFAQs, where I submit reviews from time to time, as well as other articles.

Contributors and Guest Writers:

GlacialLeaf  -

He likes Eevee.

Lugia -

Hello, I go by the nickname Lugia in most places. I'm the head graphics designer for Netto's Game Room, and although I'm nothing close to professional, I do what I can. I've been a gamer since I was four, although I mostly just pay attention to Nintendo's activities, playing only a few series not owned by Nintendo.

Cathony -

I'm Cathony, or Cat for short. I started playing games around when I was two, starting with Super Mario All Stars on the SNES. Most of my favorites are from Nintendo, but I also love plenty of games from other companies. I'm a Computer Engineering student, and school keeps me pretty busy, so I may not always post a lot. If you play Mabinogi, look for Cathony on the Tarlach server, I'm usually always online, though I'm not always at my computer.

Nick -

Wassup my tubular homies, my names Nick, but you dudes and dudettes can call me The Real Radical Surfin' Nick. I play video games and enjoy em man, my favorite video game of all time has to be the gnarly Metal Gear Solid 3. One day I was out catchin some sweet waves when some guy called Ben just surfed up to me and is like "Hey dude! Wanna check out this sweet site, it's got game reviews and all that gnarly stuff." That stuff sounded crazy yo, so I had to check it out! Now here I am man writing some kickin reviews and chillin it out on the interwebz with the gang. Anyway smell ya later dudes and dudettes, gotta go catch a humungus wave, and remember. Keep it chillaxin and keep it hangin!

TroubadorSymphony  -

I'm TroubadorSymphony, known by other names across the internet such as xLucian, MegamanZ, Symphonic Heir, and others. I'm a music student in the ATL who plays video games in whatever free time I have, instead of doing possibly more responsible things (that was a joke. gaming is responsible!). One of my many goals in life is to compose music for games, or at least some sort of gaming style music! I primarily play Nintendo consoles, as well as a few PC games here and there.

TheRetroGoat -

Huge gaming nerd, playing everything from Atari 2600 to Xbox 360. I have a wide variety of favorites, and there are very few types of games I don't play. When I'm not playing games (which isn't frequent) I'm generally watching anime, horror movies or playing with my dogs. My reviews can also be found over at GameFAQs.

Gunblazer42 -

I've been a gamer ever since I was four years old, starting with the Genesis and moving on to a Playstation and Nintendo 64. Now I'm a college student in love with console and PC gaming. I can't play the newest games thanks to a lack of consistent funds, but thanks to Steam's sales, I have access to a large number of PC games, and I have a strong affinity toward older games on older systems. I care more about good gameplay than shiny graphics, and I dislike number reviews.