Friday, August 5, 2011

SEGA Forums back up and running!

A few says ago the SEGA forums finally went back up and running after about a month or so of being online. Earlier SEGA was attacked by hackers who tried to steal thousands of accounts just like what had happened to PSN a few months ago. Although the forums themselves were NOT attacked, the SEGA pass system was.

With the forums being back up and running SEGA has announced that the forums will NO LONGER be linked with SEGA Pass, and all users will have to follow step by step instructions which will allow them to reset their passwords. This set up is easy to use, and requires you to check your email TWICE. So in short, it's safe, you don't have to worry about others stealing your account, and it's easy to go through.
SEGA hasn't actually told the public the reasons why the forums were offline, but anyone who's been keeping up with the news would know from past announcements made by SEGA and from interviews.