Xbox 360 update coming December 6th!

Well it looks like the next major Xbox 360 update will finally be coming out in the next few weeks! For anyone who follows the Xbox 360, you would know that MS has promissed us many new features to go along with it.

First of all the update will completley revamp the dashboard to fit the new "windows style." Just like with Windows 8 and all Windows phones, the dashboard will now feature a type of pannel system, and is made to work with the Xbox 360's Kinect and it replaces the original Kinect dash board.

The new update will also introduce cloud storage which will allow all players to easily access their saves from any xbox in the world. All game saves, and profiles will be saved on a back up server which can then be accessed from other 360s. Sure it's a great new feature, especially if you spend a lot of time playing on other peoples systems, but thats not the only use for cloud storage! All hard drives have their own life span, and save files can become corrupt, cloud storage removes this threat and allows our saves to be safe; no matter what happens.

MS also promissed us new features, such as Youtube, but it turns out only a few of these features will be making it into the release. Apparently the TV app will not be making it into the major system update, but it will be added in later with a much smaller patch.

Its really nice to see that MS cares so much about their system, and its really nice to see all of these updates; however could they be to late? With rumors of the next system seeing the light of day late next year, do we really need updates like this? Really I can see both sides. I love all the changes they're making, and I love the idea of cloud storage, but I still feel that this update is long over due. I guess its better late than never!

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