Kid Icarus Uprising - Free 3DS stand included?

Well it turns out Kid Icarus is hard on the hands to play, and Nintendo has come up with a plan to "fix" the problem. Yep, they're releasing a stand.

So basically you lay your 3DS on the stand just as the picture shows, there's a whole for your  head phones, and the top is completely open so you can have it plugged in while playing. The whole idea behind this thing is that holding the 3DS up with one hand, while using quick commands/moves on the touch pad is not easy, so this thing pretty much does the job for you. Since your 3DS is now resting on a table or desk in an upright position, you can use the controls with ease.

Really I myself never had problems with fully touch screen games. The weight of the DS never bothered me, and it's never bothered me while playing the few 3DS games I own either. Then again Kid Icarus is a pretty complexed action game, so maybe it really is hard to play.

Still this thing is coming with the game, and I'm sure we'll find more than one use for it. Netflix anyone?

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