Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC coming 2/7/12!

Well Final Fantasy XIII-2 has finally hit the shelves here in the US, which is the main reason I haven't been on very much during the past 2 days, but that doesn't mean our long wait is over.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is NOT a complete game all by its self. Sure it has a full story, 25 + hours of gameplay, 100 + hours for extras, and it has more content than the original; however there will be more to come! Square has already announced that a card game would be added, special character episodes/stories will be released, new weapons/costumes will be released, and even new boss battles will be coming out! Really it seems like a bit much for a normal JRPG, but that can be a good thing.

Right now no one is really sure HOW much all of this DLC will cost, or how much of it will be free, but the first of the DLC packs will be coming out on the 7th of this month. Yep it's only been a day since the release of XIII-2, and the first "major" DLC is only 6 days away!

The first DLC will be sold for 240 MS Points on the 360, and around $2-3 for the PS3, and will add a Lightning/Lt. Amoda boss fight to the arena mode!

Now it may not seem like much, but Square also has announced that they plan on giving Lightning her own secret stories, and they also plan on bringing in some classic Final Fantasy boss fights as well. These bosses, once defeated, can be used as party members so they might just be worth the extra cash for some die hard FF fans.

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