Phantasy Star Online 2 - Free to Play!

Ever since we heard about Phantasy Star Online 2 one question has crossed the minds of almost every fan. "How much will the game cost to play?" Well it turns out... NOTHING! Yep that's right! While the past few Phantasy Star Online/Universe games required a paid subscription (other than Portable 2 which only required an activation key which was included with all new copies), however SEGA is now ready to break that mold with their newest game PSO2.

Although PSO2 will include some type of item mall or extra paid service, it will not be required so anyone can play it at anytime. How about the Vita version? Will it have a paid for service? Well we still can't say for sure, if it connects directly to the PC version like they plan on doing, then there's a pretty good chance it will. Sure they might give you some bonus for having both versions, but I wouldn't expect anything too great. Still don't quote me on any of this, and just stick to the facts. The game is free to play, and will offer some type of extra service.

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