Well here we are again on yet another Holiday! Man time sure does fly. Anyway today is Easter which I might consider being one of my favorite Holidays! Not only do I like it for what it is, it's also one of them holidays I have the best memories for. Easter Egg Hunting as a kid, opening my basket only to find a game I've been wanting for a long time, and spending the day with my family; I just love it all!

I still remember back when I was 6 or 7 I really couldn't wait for that Bugs Life game; man I waited for months to play it, and finally on that Easter I got it! Yeah I couldn't play it right away sadly, had to go to church and eat at my grandma's, but my uncle had a PS1 set up over so I got to play it either way! And then there's the Pokemon games.

The first year I actually ever went on a full Easter Egg Hunt outside was also the Easter I got the Pokemon Trading Card Game video game. I remember searching outside while my cousins searched their own yard next door; I just couldn't wait to find all of my eggs and go inside to play my brand new game and look at my Shiny Holographic Meowth card! I really loved the game, although I never actually finished it, and I remember thinking "why can't you walk faster like this in normal games?" Well my wish came true quite a few years later after the GBA was released and I got Pokemon Sapphire for Easter (along with the guide book)!
Now I knew that I was getting Sapphire for Easter and the wait was just flat out killing me! Just a few days before I remember going to Target and playing it on the GBA they had sitting there. I was amazed at how fast you could run, the graphics looked amazing, and I loved the new Pokemon! I just couldn't wait!

Well a few days later I woke up early, bugged my mom/dad until they got out of bed, then opened my basket. As soon as I started that game, I loved it! At first I was wondering why I couldn't run, but I quickly got the running shoes and understood what was going on, and I just couldn't wait until I got the moves fly and surf. Since I got a guide book I was basically using it as a guide whenever I got lost/wanted to see what I was missing, but I spent a lot more time playing the game and looking at the full list of new Pokemon than I spent following it.

I still remember thinking I could catch the legendaries the first time I entered the new areas, back then I didn't understand why the caves were blocked off, I remember getting lost and not being able to get to the next gym because I needed surf, and I just flat out remember enjoying the entire game. Sadly I was able to beat the entire game within one day, but that didn't stop me from spending over 500 hours on the thing over the next few years. Me and my friend basically choose that game to be our next game to 100% (the last one we had worked on was Megaman Battle Network 3), and we did everything possible. Heck we both even spent hours just building/finding materials/objects for our secret bases! That game ate up a lot of our time!
I will always treasure memories such as these, getting the games I've waited forever to play, and the time I spent with my family. I just hope this year will be the same! I want to always remember it!

So, what are your Easter memories?

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