The Last Story hits NA shelves today!

Just wanted to remind everyone that the second Operation Rainfall game has finally hit the shelves today! For anyone who doesn't know, The Last Story is a Wii JRPG directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi (the creator of the Final Fantasy series) that blends together both JRPG elements and action adventure elements as well. In game you play as a group of young mercenaries who are hired by the ruler of a strange island, and, well, a lot of things happen.

While combat takes place in real time, you can use the main character's strange power to gather enemies closer to him, and you can also pause the battle and plan out your entire parties attacks just like you would in a real time strategy game. Although the game does in fact auto attack for you when you get close to enemies, the game does make heavy use of it's cover system, shooting system, and it even has a destruction system which allows you to destroy parts of the level to use them for your advantage. From destroying bridges to watch enemies fall, to knocking down huge stone pillars to use as cover. All of these elements are something you rarely see in a JRPG, and it help makes The Last Story a truly unique game.

On top of all of that, there is a full clothing system which allows you to customize how each of your character looks as well, and there's even a co-op and death match vs mode! Once again, two features you rarely see in JRPGs.

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