Inafune's new game - Ninja Gaiden Z!?

Yep you've heard me right. It turns out that Inafune is working along side Team Ninja to bring us a brand new game called Ninja Gaiden Z. Although details are currently limited, what we do know about the game is this.

The game follows the story of a fallen warrior who was killed by Ryu Hyabusa (main character of Ninja Gaiden/a main character in Dead or Alive for anyone who doesn't know), and he is revived to get revenge. Although other Ninja Gaiden games have featured zombies as enemies, this game apparently takes it to the next level, and has our new main character fighting hoards of them in this brand new adventure.
Ninja Gaiden Z also apparently features cell shaded graphics, unlike the rest of the series which goes for a more realistic look.

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