The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker - HD EDITION!

Good news for all of you Zelda Wind Waker fans! What might be the best Zelda game (at least in your opnion) is coming out to the Wii U in HD! Yep that's right! As Nintendo was playing around with different art styles for their next Zelda game, they found that the Wind Waker style looked amazing, and they felt that it would be a good game to rerelesae in HD.

So, now, if you haven't played Wind Waker, let me explain. You see Wind Waker is NOT like the other Zelda games out there, and because of that it has a huge core fanbase. The game is copletely cell shaded to give it a very nice anime feel, the models are more cartoonish than realistic, and the world is a MASSIVE open ocean. Yep that's right! In this game you play as a COMPLETELY new character not related to plast Links, and you go on an adventure exploring a massive ocean to find islands, treasure, and finally the master sword to defeat the evil ganon.

A lot of people loved the game because it was completely open without loading screens, and they enjoyed searching the ocean. You could also do things that haven't been seen in a Zelda game since (such as pick up enemy weapons), and there were LOADS of side quests.

On the other hand, a lot of Zelda fans also didn't like the game. There weren't as many dungeons (since the game was more focused on exploring and islands by boat), they didn't care for the art style, and a lot of people felt the game was just too easy.

Well either way, Wind Waker was an amazing game, and it's one I'd recommend checking out if you're a Zelda fan or not. As for myself, I actually only like a few of the Zelda games (although I've played them all), and Wind Waker was my favorite. Basically, I already know for a fact I'll be getting this HD release!

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