An Introduction

Hello all, I go by LugiaLv100 normally, but just call me Lugia. I'm the graphic designer for this blog. Although I'm not any sort of artist, I do what I can.

Right now I've finished the background and the favicon for the site, and I'm working on the logo and banner. Thank you all for putting up with the incompletion of the site due to my slack, I'll try to get it all finished up in a timely manner. I'm also considering changing the background, but that can wait.

As a writer for this blog, I'm planning on posting reviews or thoughts on here from time to time, so look out for those if you're interested. In the meantime, I'll be trying to focus on getting the banner done. Do continue to watch for Netto's posts though, he's a pretty cool guy.

With that said, thank you for contributing to the popularity of the blog, and have a good day.

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