Kingdom Heats X (Chi)!

News about the Kingdom Hearts series! Sort of! Well, they are about the Kingdom Hearts series, though I'm not entirely sure about the revealed game's canontity, and it's a little disappointing for those of you waiting for Kingdom Hearts III.

Well, just a few days ago, SQUARE revealed the game they first revealed at Tokio Game Show 2012 to be Kingdom Hearts X[chi], a browser MMO card game.

According to the SQUARE blog, the players in the game will be able to "control their own hero and venture through various Disney worlds," and "obtain cards; which will be utilized for strategic battles and fight against enemies along friends." The game is also said to have a "new system with feelings of sensation."
The game will be free to play, though some items, and maybe a premium membership of some sorts, will be priced. It's release date at the moment is unknown.

The game is also developped by Success Inc., whose previous titles include Operation Darkness, Metal Saga, and Tokyo Beat Down.

The first additions of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX will include a Sora card, 20,000 Munny, and a card with 4,000 points to be used in games. SQUARE's e-shop version of said game will also include bonuses, though slightly different, which are: A Riku card, Potion x10, and Ether x10. These bonuses will be, of course, limited.

I'd like to thank to Kingdom Hearts Insider for the information and pictures posted here. Hope that didn't disappoint you TOO much. I'm waiting for Kingdom Hearts III too, you know.

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