Netto's Street Fighter x Megaman Boss Order

Ok so everyone has been posting their own boss orders, but here's the boss order I have been using, and it has been working out quite well!

Blanka (buster) > Chung Li (for extra lives, use buster) > Rose (Blanka weapon) > Rolento (Rose weapon)> Urien (Rolento weapon) > C Viper (Chung Li weapon) > Dhalsim (C Viper weapon) > Ryu (Urien weapon)

Basically, if you start out with Blanka, who is an easy boss, you can get his weapon which will allow you to reach higher areas. This is great for getting sub tanks, and I strongly recommend starting out here. Next I move onto Chung Li simply because there's an area right before her fight where you can get unlimited lives. Wait for the area where never ending enemies come from both the left and the right. If you stand near the left end of the screen, the left side enemies will jump over you, while the right side enemies will keep coming at you. If you stand in that spot and shoot, you've got unlimited easy kills, with unlimited lives that will drop sooner or later. Once you're done farming, head to Chung Li, spam charge shots, slide under her when she jumps, and you've got one easy boss fight.

After that you can move onto Rose who will basically run into Blanka's weapon. Simply shoot it, step back, and watch her kill herself. Rolento is next, and well, they are a push over. Just spam your new weapon from Rose, and you've won.

Urien is next up, but they are a bit more challenging. Try your best to throw Rolento's weapon at them, and if you end up running out, just charge shot them. C Viper is the next one up, who can also be a bit of a challenge, but if you play it safe and use Chung Li's kick, you should be able to take them down. Dhalsim is the next one you want to fight, and once again, just watch that pattern and use C Viper's weapon every chance you get.

The final boss you most likely want to fight will be Ryu. Although Ryu is weak against Urien's shield, he's a much harder boss than the other two, so you might want to fight him left if you're planning on doing a no continue run. Basically for Ryu, just put up shields, knock back his hadoukens, and dodge his attacks. Keep in mind that he has invincible frames, so you won't be able to damage him unless he's standing still or charging up a fire ball.

Now like I said, this isn't a perfect order by any means, but it worked for me!

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