Tales of Xillia - Now available for Preorder!

Although this is a few days old news, I figured it was worth bringing up. Now as a lot of you may have known for the past year or so, Namco Bandai has decided to go ahead and release Tales of Xillia here in the west for the Playstation 3!

Up until now most Tales of games have actually been staying in Japan due to financial reasons. The games take quite a lot to localize, and Namco Bandai just really didn't have the money to risk bringing it over. I mean, if you look at it from their point of view, there was no real way of telling how well the game would sell. The Tales of series really isn't that big in the west, but 2 years ago when Namco held a Twitter event that allowed fans to request one single game; the game that was most requested was Tales of Graces f! Well Jump ahead a year, and one Tales of the Abyss reprint later, and Tales of Graces f along with Tales of the Abyss 3D hit the western shores!

It turns out the "secret" reprint of Tales of the Abyss actually sold well enough for Namco Bandai to bring over the 3DS port, and it also turns out that Tales of Graces f sold enough for them to bring over Tales of Xillia! Now although Tales of Xillia wont actually be out here until later on in the year, the game has been showing up on the preorder lists of quite a few websites and stores lately! (Just last week GameStop put their preorder up!)

So anyway, if you're a Tales of fan, or a fan of JRPGs in general, chances are this is VERY good news for you, and I'm sure a lot of you will be jumping allover this preorder! Although we currently don't know what the preorder bonus will be, my bets are on some costumes.

Well, that's it for now guys! Hopefully soon we'll be seeing some english trailers of the game!

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