Final Fantasy Versus XIII now Final Fantasy XV!?

UPDATE: 6/10/2013

Well E3 is here, and well, it's time to announce the real April Fools day joke. You see, I originally posted this blog as a joke, but it wasn't completely a joke. The entire thing was based off of comments made by Square-Enix, as well as others who saw Final Fantasy Versus XIII behind closed doors, as well as a few other hints I came across myself. At the time of me writing this article, there was a 90% chance the game would be released on PS4, that it would be renamed FF15, and most of the features were finalized as well. In short, I wrote this article knowing that it would be true, and THAT was the real joke. Happy April Fools everyone!

To check out the real trailer, check out our newer post located at the following location:

Original Post:

Hey everyone whats up? Today an anonymous source tipped us off on some quite shocking news! Now as you may know, back at Sony's "See the Future" event Square announced something Final Fantasy related. While at the actual even they simply showed off their old tech demo, at the end of the showing they did say to look forward to E3. Well it looks like we might not have to wait after all! The other day some images and information covering "Final Fantasy XV" was leaked online, and fan are going wild!

According to the videos and screen shots, it turns out Final Fantasy Versus XIII will in fact be renamed "Final Fantasy XV" as rumors have it, and that the project will be moving onto the PlayStation 4. Now really this doesn't come as to big of a shock, but at the same time its also kind of sad. So many of us fans have been waiting years for the PlayStation 3 exclusive to finally hit the shelves, only to then find out it will not be released for the console at all. As for FFv13 being renamed to FF15, well, that really isn't that big of a shock.

After the PSP "Final Fantasy XIII" was renamed to "Type-0," many fans have been wondering if the same would happen to V13. Considering how much work has gone into this game, and how different it is from Final Fantasy XIII, it really isn't that big of a shock to see it take on a name of its own. Really its a game that deserves it, and its nice to see Square finally move on.

Right now details about the game are still limited, but what we do know is quite stunning. Now as we all know the game is going to be running on an improved version of the Kingdom Hearts engine, and because of that battles will all take place in real time. You'll hack and slash away at enemies, warp across the screen by throwing your sword, and you can even switch between your party members to help plan out your attacks! Gameplay is fast and flows smoothly, and you can even enter vehicles and use turrets as well!

Another thing that really stands out about Final Fantasy XV is its massive world! The game takes place in a modern setting, and thanks to the PS4's power, Square Enix was able to do things never before seen in a FF game! Just take a look at one of the cities that you can visit! Its actually quite stunning!

As you can see, roads and highway systems connect you to different sections of the city, and although you can simply walk across them, you can also travel them by car! Yep, you heard me right, there are in fact cars in FF15, and unlike in other Final Fantasy games, (such as Final Fantasy VIII) they serve more of a purpose this time around! Since areas and towns are so large, sometimes you'll need to track down a vehicle to travel to your new location faster. Although airships have been confirmed for world map travel, vehicles will in fact be the fastest way to travel in town areas.

The final piece of information that was leaked is actually concerning the PlayStation 4 itself. Although Square didn't go into detail about how the PS4's features will be used, there was a leaked image showing off what appears to be the touch panel on the PS4's controller being put to use. Although it isn't quite clear what is going on, it is possible that it is used to either navigate menus faster, or maybe even switch between characters. If that is the case it would free up the L and R buttons to be used for something else!

Well that's about it for today guys! But before I go, I would like to share this leaked video as well! Although it doesn't show off too much, it does give a better look at the city, as well as some new gameplay elements.

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