Picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy!

Wow, what has it been, almost two years? Well, if you're a long time reader, you'll remember my post about the original Mass Effect. You see, when Mass Effect first came out, I actually missed out on it. It was a game that I was interested in, but at the time I didn't own an Xbox 360, and up until Mass Effect 3 was announced other games kept getting in my way. I'm really not sure why I never checked out the game earlier, but when I heard the 3rd game was finally going to come out and end the trilogy, I decided it was time to finally pick it up.

Really I've got a lot of great memories playing through the original Mass Effect (which was actually one of the first games I fully covered here on the Game Room), and that Summer still holds a special place in my heart. Basically, I flat out loved the original Mass Effect! I loved the story, I loved the RPG elements, the gameplay was great, I really liked the entire universe, and I really couldn't wait to finally move into Mass Effect 2. That summer I spent a great deal playing Mass Effect, a great deal playing Mass Effect 2 (which was actually given to me as a birthday present), and quite a bit of time swimming, hanging out with friends, and playing other games as well. Every time I look at the boxes sitting on my shelf, all of them memories come back to me; however it isn't all fond memories.

Not too long after I finished Mass Effect 2 my Xbox 360's disc drive broke down. Still to this day I cannot play games on the console, and I really don't have much of a reason to risk trying to get it to work. With that being said I was never able to play Mass Effect 3, and I ended up losing all of my hard work. After that I figured that I would just be done with the series, and wait for the next saga. Still, things do change!

The other day I decided to finally pick up the Mass Effect Trilogy for the PlayStation 3! Playing this game has brought back all of them fond memories, and I once again remember why I loved the game so much! It is really nice to see the first game in the series on the PlayStation 3, and because of that I am finally able to play through the entire series again! However, this time I will actually be able to finish it! Personally, I cannot wait!

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