PlayStation Vita - Update 2.10

Well, normally this isn't the sort of thing I would report on, but this is an update Vita owners have been asking for, for a long time! Just last night I was browsing the PlayStation Store on my Vita, and after closing it to open up my Netflix App I noticed something was strange. I was unable to access Netflix, and soon I was greeted with a system update message. So, what did this update add? Well....

First of all the update added in the ability to watch videos with the web browser. Up until now if you wanted to watch something online you would have to use a special app (for example Youtube, Netflix, and Nico Nico), but now it seems some videos will in fact load. Still this isn't the biggest change.

Finally, after asking for almost a year, SONY HAS RELEASED FOLDERS! Yep that's right! Now by clicking on an app in your LiveArea you can send it to a folder! Folders hold up to 10 apps/icons, and they can also be named to anything you want! For example you could sort your PlayStation One titles into a PlayStation One folder, you could move your PSP games to a PSP folder, your Vita games to a Vita folder, etc. Up until now there were only so many pages worth of apps that you could have loaded on your Vita at a time, but now that limit is just about gone! Chances are, you can even fit everything on a single page now thanks to these folders!

Really I'm not sure why it took Sony so long to release this update, but if you've been collecting Vita games and downloading games from the shop, I'm sure you were already running out of space; space you can now get back due to these folders!

Thank you Sony! (My Vita's LiveArea looks so much cleaner now!)

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