Netto's Daily Challenge: Mega Man X5

Well here we are again, and it turns out today's daily challenge is going to be yet another classic! The game randomly chosen today was Mega Man X5 on the Sony PlayStation One. It was the X game released to be the "end" of the series before moving onto the brand new Mega Man Zero saga, and it was also the first X game that truly let you play as any character you wanted (X and Zero), whenever you wanted.

So, anyway, if you have Mega Man X5 on the PlayStation One, or in any other form (X Collection); then feel free to jump in and try out the challenge! Now since yesterday's challenge was a speed run, today's is going to be a little bit different.

Netto's Daily Challenge: Mega Man X5 - No armor, X Buster ONLY!

For today's challenge you have to run through Mega Man X5, using only X, and NEVER using any armor upgrades or any special weapons. You must complete the game with X's classic armor, and you can only use his default X buster. Now when you start the game off, you will start out with an armor upgrade by default, so the very first stage of the game is going to be an exception to this rule. However; once you finish the intro stage and get into the main game, you must then use only standard X.

Now, although the challenge is to beat the game with armorless X, and by only using the X buster; feel free to take this challenge to the next level! If you wish to do so, try to complete the game using standard X, with the X buster only, and while NEVER picking up any upgrades as well. This means no heart tanks, and even no sub tanks. This is a completely naked run with nothing but X's default equipment. If you want to take this challenge on as a bonus, by all means go for it!

Well, personally I love Mega Man X5, and I have played through it many times. I know first hand just how challenging this challenge can be so let me be the first to wish you all good luck! Also, like always, feel free to post videos or even reply to this blog post to let us know if you've completed the challenge.

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