Pokemon X and Y - Kalos Region!

Well if you haven't already heard, Nintendo has finally announced the newest region in the Pokemon universe; the Kalos region! Although not much is currently known about the region itself, Nintendo has released a map of it, and stated that it will have "three unique areas" (with the Pokemon being spread out across them). Just take a look at this!

Although we don't know too much about it, this map alone shows you a lot of what you can expect. There's quite a few towns that can be seen, there appears to be a large mountain in the north eastern corner, and there also seems to be quite a few rivers running throughout the region as well. On top of that, Nintendo has announced that the capital city is "Lumiose City," and it has a large tower that's a lot like the Eiffel tower. As you may or may not know, every Pokemon game is based on a city or region from the real world, so maybe this one is based on France?

Along with the news of the new region, a few new Pokemon were announced as well, and we also have gained word on some of the new features we can expect. Here's just a small list of some of the known features.

  • You can ride on some Pokemon to travel around towns, fields, and other areas.
  • Roller Skates are featured (as seen in the original trailer).
  • You can customize your characters (including skin color).
  • The world will in fact be in full 3D.
  • Battles are more detailed with 3D Pokemon models.
  • New types MAY have been added (rumored Light and Fairy).
  • There is at least one new eevee evolution for the possible rumored "Fairy" type (check out GlacialLeaf's post for more info).
  • Mewtwo now has two new forms.
  • The game will be released world wide on the same day.
And finally to end this post, we also have a new trailer to show off!

Well that's all for now guys! Over the next few months I'm sure we'll hear more and more about Pokemon X and Y, but currently this is all the information we really have. The game is shaping up to be quite an upgrade, so it is sure to be a must have for Pokemon fans world wide.

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