Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Fast and Easy Cash

Figured I'd go ahead and share my secret with the world, but I'm sure some of you have already figured it out. The following is a very fast and easy trick to make millions of bells in just a few hours. For this trick you will be selling a few bugs, and each set will net you a payout somewhere along the lines of this.


Now to do this trick you must have:

1. The island
2. It must be after 7 PM

Once both of these conditions are met, go to the Island and do as I tell you.

1. Take the axe from the box, as well as a net and a fishing rod if you want.

2. Cut down all of the trees besides the palm trees on the left/right sides of the island (yes cut down the ones at the south).

3. Destroy all flowers and plants, this will prevent more bugs from spawning.

4. Keep checking the trees on the left and right side for beetles.

5. If the beetles don't spawn, walk around the island and chase off any other bug that may preventing them from spawning.

6. Load up on any type of beetle (try to go for the gold ones), and return home.

With a single trip back from the island (which should take around 20 minutes or even less), you should net yourself around 400-500k. A few trips later you'll be rich, your house will be paid off, and all of the buildings will be built in your town!

Note: Make sure you check the shells on the beach for hermit crabs. They will spawn quite often, and keep the beetles from showing up.

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