Monday, June 3, 2013

Deus Ex "The Fall" Teased

The last time I reported on something related to Deus Ex, it was concerning the upcoming movie project and a new game rumor which turned out to be a Directors Cut version of Human Revolution; however it seems that a new game may in fact be in the works. Today on Twitter, Deus Ex developer David Green tweeted the following message: "Are YOU ready for The Fall?” Guess we'll be seeing a new Deus Ex at E3 then!"

Although nothing has been officially announced, it seems that the next entry in the Deus Ex series will be showing up at this years E3 (which just happens to be next week), and it will apparently be called "The Fall," or at least something along those lines. As for system information, we can really only speculate on what consoles the game will be released on, but with the Xbox One and PS4 coming out later this year; there is a pretty good chance the game will be released on the next gen consoles.