Picked up Project X Zone Today!

Well, it seems like I got extremely lucky today. Although I have been following Project X Zone since the moment the Japanese teaser website went up, I actually didn't preorder it when it was announced that it would be coming out in the west. Now don't get me wrong, I was really looking forward to the game, but with other releases such as Animal Crossing: New Leaf and The Last of Us also being released around the same time, I had to choose between them. In the end, Project X Zone was left out, with me planning on getting it a few days after its release. Turns out, the game was sort of limited stock, and sold out everywhere.

With that being said, I somehow managed to find a SINGLE copy at my local GameStop (which is about 15 minutes away), and it was a limited edition at that! Although the game isn't one of them deep TBS games, or have as good of a story as the original in the series, it is filled with fan service and so far I am enjoying it because of that. Although I currently have a The Last of Us review in the works, I may put it on hold for a bit just to review Project X Zone. It's one of them lesser known games, and its one of them rare releases that we normally don't get. Heck normally when I see "Banpresto" on a title screen, it's when I'm playing a Japanese import. Not used to seeing English text in these games!

So anyway, I plan on playing through as much of Project X Zone as I can over the next few days, so my daily updates may be a little bit smaller as well. Even so I won't be ignoring the blog completely, chances are I will still be posting my daily Animal Crossing pics over on our tumblr, and when I get the time I'll be posting another Daily Challenge as well. Although gaming news is slowing down after all that went down at E3, you can still expect to see daily updates.

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