PlayStation 4 - New Features Announced

Although I'm sure most of you have heard, let me give you a quick run down on the PlayStaiton 4's new features and what it will/will not require.
  • The PS4 will not require you to connect online.
  • The PS4 does in fact support used games. Once you buy a game it is yours to do whatever you want with it.
  • PlayStation Plus is required to play online, but is now only $5 a month and offers many rewards (including monthly free games which last forever).
  • The console will be sold at $399.99.
  • A streaming service will be used to play PlayStation 3 games on the PS4 as well as on the Vita.
  • Cross game Party  chat has been confirmed once again.
 In short, it seems that most of our fears have been put to rest, and Sony has pulled through for its fans! Please check back for more information in the coming days!

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